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Hands down, the Taka Spa is the best Spa in Riga to me. It might seem tiny, but the moment you step in, relaxation kicks in immediately. Because of the relatively small rooms, you never get a sensation of crowdedness, you rarely meet other people on your way and the pool area does not disturb you with a super loud waterfall (what is it with these noise generators in spa halls anyway?). It is just quiet enough with the usual spa music. The sauna area might not have the cold water bucket but just a shower, but that is easy to forgive as you get a soap scrub that smells delicious in return, handed on a plate. It feels amazing on your skin while sweating at 90 degrees centigrade.

The couple treatment is happening on the second floor in a bigger room, with curtains around the massage beds so you can prepare for the treatment in private. It is delightfully cozy with a constant smell of wood and faint aromatic oils that never feels intrusive. And since it is directly under the roof, there is a big window that is lighting up the room. Having a treatment there while it’s raining will double down on relaxation as the raindrops fall on the window, making that all-so-soothing trickling noise.

We already had several treatments there, from aroma oil to hot stone massages, and I just cannot find myself to pick a favourite, as they are all carried out professionally and with close attention to the customer, whether I speak Latvian or don’t. I consider a treatment the most relaxing when I actually fall asleep during the massage, something I caught myself doing every single time in Taka Spa.

Talking of close attention to the customer: this is a nice segue to the service of the Taka Spa team. They do care about you. From taking an appointment to coming in, from being a new customer to a spa veteran, you never get the notion that these people are annoyed by your presence or do what they have to do. They show a professional ambition that makes you feel welcome and taken serious. I don’t speak Latvian that much. So I was positively surprised how everybody was not shy at all to explain and discuss matters in English with me, with no misunderstandings whatsoever.

Taka Spa will give you the best allround experience if you strive for pure relaxation. It’s certainly not the most feature-rich spa in Riga, but it doesn’t fall short on options either. I would definitely give it the highest relaxation factor. The general coziness and the incredibly attentive spa team make this place so very special and dear to my heart.

Taka Spa Riga






Relaxation Factor



  • Nice and quiet
  • Highly attentive staff
  • Beautiful couple room


  • No cold water bucket for sauna
  • Maybe too small rooms for some people
  • Hard to find

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